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Salem Sump Tube
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Salem Sump Tube

Salem tube is used for decompression of a distented stomach by draining the fluid out. The etiology of distention is bowl obstruction, intenstine blockage, and prolonged stay of food in stomach. A salem tube has an air vent (called a "pig tail") side tube. The air vent should never be closed off during drainage because it provides the pressure to aspirate. The only time the air vent is allowed to be closed off is when checking for proper tube placement by pushing 15-20 mL of air into stomach and auscultate for the wooshing sound. If the air vent's open, air will not be delivered into the stomach.

Salem Sump Tube (GS 4018)
  • Dual flow type tube is specially designed to prevent the accumulation of gastric secretions & air, thus allowing decompression of the stomach by continuous aspiration without trauma to the gastric mucosa.
  • Double lumen tube throughout the length provides airvent to break the vaccum when the stomach has been evacuated of accumulated liquid, air or small particulate matter.
  • Manufactured from non-toxic, non-irritant PVC. Distal end is coned with ten lateral eyes.
  • The tube is marked at 45, 55, 65 & 75cm from the tip.
  • Radio opaque line provided throughout the length.
  • Proximal end is provided with universal funnel shape connector along with double tapered connector for easy extension.
  • The secondary lumen is also provided with universal funnel shape connector to accomodate catheter mount syringe to facilitate irrigation.

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